3LH - "Silver Dream Road" 12" LP Vinyl MGT-007


3LH - "Silver Dream Road" 12" LP Vinyl pressed on Bone Color vinyl and Classic Black vinyl. Includes digital download of album, and 12" insert sheet.

Taking inspiration from 60’s surf, fuzz, punk and reverb-filled guitar tones, 3LH bring a sense of newness to a classic sound. Comprised of Rafa Heredia (Guitar/ Vocals), Johnny Villanueva (Keys/Guitar) Kevin Carranza (Drums) Favian Vega (Bass), 3LH deliver the tones of the likes of guitar virtuosos like Link Wray, The Kinks, mixed with the garage / punk sensibilities of modern acts like The Growlers, The Frights and Tijuana Panthers.

Immersed in the Latino punk/garage DIY scene of Orange County, 3LH has made a name for themselves having played to packed crowds at The Observatory, Constellation Room, The Garden Amphitheatre, The Smell and shared the stage with diverse acts including Tijuana Panthers, Tropa Magica, The OC Hurricanes, Mystic Braves and more.

Geared up now to release their debut full length LP, "Silver Dream Road", 3LH is ready to take the scene by storm. OUT NOW


  2. Shadow
  3. Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
  4. Here's Johnny
  5. Nothing Real
  6. Silver Dreams
  7. Come With Me
  8. Night of The Living Lie
  9. Memory
  10. Lovers Lane
Pressing Information

100 - Bone Color
150 - Black