Las Calakas - "Hechizo" 12" LP MGT-011


Las Calakas - "Hechizo" 12" LP pressed on Deluxe Habanero Fire Orange vinyl. Includes digital download of album, and 12" insert sheet.

Las Calakas are a high energetic Phoenix, AZ based Cumbia fusion band and the founders of Phoenix latin event “Cumbia Till You Drop”! Since their debut in the Fall of 2018, Las Calakas have had a huge loyal following in Arizona and have constantly played to packed venues and sold out shows.

The EP, and new single quickly reached the attention of Los Angeles based label My Grito Industries, who announced the signing of the band to release the upcoming full length debut record "Hechizo" out on Friday April 15th.


  1. Cumbia Maciza 2
  2. Chica Linda
  3. La Culebra
  4. Top Down
  5. El Mundo
  6. Morena
  7. Cumbia Brava
  8. El Sueno
  9. Calentura
Pressing Information

250x on Deluxe Habanero Fire Orange vinyl