Adrian Carmine - "Alma" 12" LP MGT-012


Adrian Carmine - "Alma" 12" LP

Soul Maestro Adrian Carmine's debut Album "Alma" on 12" vinyl.

Adrian Carmine hails from the San Gabriel Valley of California with his personal take on the soul sound resurgence of the Los Angeles scene. Growing up in a Mexican household paved for an array of diverse musical influence and taste for Carmine. From his parents' oldies, boleros and regional music, "Rancheras," to his older siblings' classic rock and heavy metal blaring through their car stereo. Carmine took it all in.

Singing with his father since he could begin forming words, he would go on to ask him how to play guitar. Learning the bar chord, Carmine hit the ground running, beginning his own song writing exploration. "I've grown up playing Mexican music, hardcore, indie rock, but theres just something about that oldie, soul sound I grew up listening to at all the family carne asadas. It hits different."

Discouraged in not being able to find players interested in soul music, Carmine shelved the songs he had, into his hard drive. Until, by chance, he was able to connect with like minded musicians from right in his town. Working and performing with his friends in Thee Sinseers and currently writing with soul artist Trish Toledo.

Carmine's single "Please Don't Go" gently wanders through a melancholic sentiment. When listening, one can only feel Carmine's heartbreak whilst feeling a sense of comfort all at once. Taking a page right out of the late 60's early 70's, you will instantly familiarize yourself with the feeling and sound that hosted the great music of the time.

With a full length LP "Alma" via the My Grito Industries label, Adrian's ballads are soundtrack to West Coast Soul, cruising nights, and current soul/latin scene currently being championed.


  1. That's Why People Fall In Love
  2. I Can't Believe
  3. What Took So Long (To Make You Love Me)
  4. You Can't Tell The Heart
  5. I Miss You
  6. Halfway There
  7. Can't Love You
  8. You Made Up Your Mind
  9. Alma
  10. Come Into My Room
Pressing Information

300x - 1st pressing